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About Us

Shenzhen ZRT Technology Co., Ltd. is a state-level high-tech enterprise and the pioneer of computing power products in the field of AI. With a registered capital of 30 million yuan, the company has a fully independent RESEARCH and development center and a wholly-owned modern production factory of 6000m². Products with AI acceleration and industrial display technology as the core, involving MXM computing card, PCI-E computing card, edge computing, etc. It can widely provide intelligent display, AI edge integration of the overall hardware and solutions for smart medical, smart city, machine vision, rail transit and other industries.
Since its establishment in 2014, Zhruitong has been adhering to the business philosophy of "integrity, professionalism and customer first", and has been cooperating with Intel, AMD, Deng Ling, Cambrian, Bitmain, RK and other well-known AI chip enterprises, successfully creating two mature AI computing power product supply chains of X86 architecture and ARM architecture. Intel Internet of Things Solution Alliance member, Cambrian Alliance member; At the same time, Zhruitong wholly-owned modern production factory is a professional manufacturing solutions supplier, has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485 and other certification, with complete technology structure production workshop and electronic production workshop, Integrated and configured ERP enterprise resource planning and management, MES production and manufacturing execution system, WMS intelligent warehousing and logistics system and AO automatic office system, to achieve real-time monitoring and management of production plan, material progress and production situation, to ensure that the company’s production technology and technology in the industry leading level for a long time.
  • 17000W


  • 6000

    Production Base

  • 3000W

    Registered Capital

  • 300+A



R & D strength

ZRT from the inception to now, has been design research and development, technological innovation and quality as the core competitiveness of the brand. Zhruitong now has more than 40 r&d and technical service personnel, and its R&D investment accounts for 10% of the annual revenue. At the same time, Zhiritong has reached a strategic alliance with Shenzhen Jiuzhou Electric Appliances, and owns a national testing center for electronic signals and EMC worth 20 million yuan. Through years of accumulation of research and development, Zhruitong acquired more than 70 intellectual property rights, and formed its own core technology, while mastering the central processing unit, graphics processor, system integration three core technologies.
Zhiritong is a member of Intel Internet of Things Solution Alliance. The company has an intelligent RESEARCH and development laboratory, with comprehensive research and development capabilities of the whole process, which can quickly achieve one-stop service of product design, proofing, manufacturing, testing and so on, greatly reducing the process of collaborative innovation.
  • 1700W

    Annual research investment

  • 40+A

    The researchers

  • 200+Taiwan

    The scientific research equipment

  • 70+item

    Research and development of patent

Production capacity

  • 200WPCS

    Annual Output

  • 6000

    Production Base

  • 200+Taiwan

    Advanced instruments equipment

ZRT has a modern manufacturing center in Guangming, Shenzhen, with a registered capital of 20 million yuan and an area of 6000m². Manufacturing center has a complete product line of industrial graphics, with complete technical structure of electronic production workshop, assembly workshop, packing workshop, from chip SMT to high-end electronic module assembly, to the high and low temperature aging and all kinds of large-scale test equipment from soup to nuts, is a professional video card with international level products of intelligent manufacturing and testing base.
Zhiritong manufacturing Center now has 3 nPM-D3 panasonic new high-speed production lines, SMT capacity of 9 million points per day. There are 2 DIP production lines, 1 complete machine assembly line and 1 cleaning tail line. The whole factory implements MES management to realize production management and tracking by products and batches. At the same time, the company has a large number of professional and technical personnel and production management personnel, can meet the diversity of customer product customization needs.

Quality Assurance

ZRT products from principle design to trial production verification, each stage needs to pass strict inspection and testing process.
ZRT always takes product quality as the core concept, and ensures that each product must be monitored by professional quality engineers for 72 hours of high and low temperature environment before being put on the market, and closely monitored to ensure that product quality, reliability and durability reach the highest level. With the attitude of excellence to create every product, is committed to accelerating China’s industrial upgrading, promote the new China smart manufacturing.
  • Constant temperature test

  • Esd test

  • EMC test

  • Signal integrity test