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Good news | ZhiRui tong won the "specialization, the new" enterprises in shenzhen city

Shenzhen Small and Medium Enterprises Service Bureau published the List of Specialized, specialized and new small and medium Enterprises in Shenzhen in 2022. After strict evaluation, Zhitong Technology Co., Ltd. was listed among them, and successfully won the recognition of "specialized, special and new" small and medium-sized enterprises in Shenzhen.
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2023 for dream come on | ZhiRui tong housewarming ceremony and the annual meeting of the New Year celebration was held successfully

Flowers bloom together, double happiness! 2023 Zhitong cheer for the dream
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Start | ZhiRui was awarded "the 2022-2023 intelligent transportation technology innovation in China" award

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"Think tank" to bring the future | ZhiRui tong won the 2022 Intel annual best growth "Internet of things

Awarded again, Zhitutong won the "Best Growth Award 2022" by Intel Internet of Things for its annual performance.
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Zhitong won the "Most Innovative Product" Award in the 7th Annual Selection of Artificial Intelligence industry

ZRT MIN-EC05 Edge computing Box stood out and won the "Most Innovative Product of the Year 2022" award.

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